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Rudo’s human has fallen on hard times and has had to surrender his beloved family member to Sonoma County Animal Services. Not only has this man lost his home, but he has also lost his “home base” by having to surrender his dog, who is stressed in the shelter environment and not doing well. Let’s help ease Rudo’s human’s mind, while he is getting back on his feet, by making sure that Rudo finds a new forever home. If we each chipped in a few bucks, we may be able to save a life by sustaining a life through a rescue partner, who can pull Rudo from the stressful shelter environment and care for him, while he is waiting patiently for his new forever home.

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Rosie and I kicked off the season this morning by walking with the Austin Zoo and Austin Animal Center’s float for the Chuy’s Holiday Parade down Congress Avenue. Our fabulous float was designed and sponsored by Mosak Advertising & Insights. It was overcast but really pleasant walking weather, which Rosie appreciated because I was all ready to bundle her up in her new coat based on the chilly weather we’ve been having. There were nine dogs sporting “Adopt Me” vests and festive holiday gear. The humans were also decked out in our festive holiday gear, including our “Home for the Holidays” tee shirts. From our family to yours….have a wonderful holiday season!

me and mah
Group parade shot

While most of the month of October has passed, there are still many wonderful events going on in Austin this weekend to celebrate the Pitties. Support this wonderful group of dogs by attending an event and helping change public perception for the better!

Sunday, October 27 – Texas-Sized Pittie Pride Parade & Festival:
12:00 pm Parade over Congress Bridge and over to Republic Square Park (4th Street & Guadalupe)
12:30 pm Festival Begins at Republic Square Park
4:30 pm Festival wrap-up and Silent Auction ends

There are also two happy hour events:
Saturday, October 26 – Happy Hour at Frank (Luv-A-Bull)
Sunday, October 27 – Frank & Angie’s Pitty Spaghetti Party (Reunion Rescue)

“Through education and compassion, we will bring about a positive change for these incredible dogs!”


Anyone who has ever had an infirmed, unsocial or elderly dog is going to love The Yellow Dog Project, a global movement for parents of dogs that need space. The concept behind it is quite simple. If you see a dog with a yellow ribbon or other items tied to its leash, that signifies a dog who needs space and you should not attempt to pet the dog or bring your own dog over for a greeting. Now here’s an idea that’s long overdue.

The Yellow Dog Project has now made its mark in 45 countries and educational materials have been translated into 12 languages. Fans are calling it, “Brilliant” and “The best thing to happen since the invention of the leash!”

Natl dog day
Give the canine(s) in your life a big smootch today!

Early June, Brent and I loaded Rosie (Mah Dog) up and headed to Cabella’s in Buda for a Saturday event where Austin Animal Center had been invited to show case adoptable dogs. I hadn’t been to an event with Mah in awhile, and as we headed out that morning I was nervous. I am always nervous at adoption events. I love my fosters as much as my own animals, and I’m always struggling with the potential/reality of letting them go. I am filled with concern about finding an excellent home and the often awkward process I end up going through to get to a successful placement. Mah was a hit (not surprising), and she had many interested parties who stopped to pet her and talk to us about her. However, there was one family who immediately caught my eye. I gave them my business card in case they wanted to follow up with me. Low and behold they did. Yay! Rosie has been living with her new family for a month now, and it has been a positive transition. Brent and I have done the tremendously difficult task of lovingly let her move on to her people. Our house was suddenly really quiet (believe it or not), and our animal routine wasn’t really necessary anymore since we were back to just our own pack. Eli (the “puppy”) was pretty bored without his backyard buddy. Luckily for Eli, his buddy is visiting us as we pet sit Rosie while her family is on a trip. It’s a bonus to get to love on Mah just a little bit longer!
Mah and Eli

“Mah Dog” has expanded her social media presence by getting added to Austin Animal Center’s Facebook page. Check her out:

Rosie (or “Mah Dog” as her foster family calls her) has been in the fosters’ home since November 2012. She is a blissfully happy gal whose tail is always wagging. She loves, loves, loves tennis balls (both running after them and destroying them) and playing with the other dogs in her foster home. She is Kong trained and will settle down and work on her nyla bone. She has recently completed basic obedience and is doing very well with all the commands she learned. She is a star leash walker! Rosie is a high energy dog who needs a family that is not only dedicated to her continuing obedience and exercise needs but also understands the importance of being an ambassador of the bully breeds. Rosie is too interested in cats and would do best in a home without them. If you would like to meet this blissfully happy gal, contact her foster mom Kim Gilbertson at



We had a party this last weekend to celebrate my acceptance into UT’s Masters in Landscape Architecture program. Since the weather was going to be fabulous, and we invited so many friends from the many walks of our life, Brent and I decided to set up some outdoor seating. That meant we needed to get more pleasant lighting outdoors as no one wants to be the one sitting in the path of the flood light (definitely NOT pleasant!). We got it all arranged the night before so that we could see exactly how it would be lit up (in case we needed to make yet another Home Depot run). Either Eli decided to test out the many vantage points in the space for us or he thought the barn dance was actually that evening. Hey buddy…the ladies are coming TOMORROW night!


Yesterday was a big day for Rosie (Ma) and Eli. They both graduated from basic obedience class. It was very exciting! We’ve been working hard for the last five weeks: Brent, Me, Ma, and Eli. Brent and I traded off dogs (until Ma became an obedience star and then he wouldn’t trade with me anymore). Ma and Eli learned 18 commands:

Watch Me (very useful), Food Control (also very useful!), Sit, Down, All the Way (related to down), Doggie Push Ups, Sit/Stay, Wait (for door control), Settle (also related to down), politely sit for hello (very hard when your tail is wagging so hard), Heel (which I call swings), Leash Walking, Leave it (excellent when you live with cats!), Down/Stay, Recall, Off (excellent when you are standing on foster mom’s chest while she is laying in bed), Drop It, Stay with Distractions, Back up, and some body touching, which is important for getting your animal ready to be examined/touched by the veterinarian.

All in all it was an excellent experience and especially important for Ma who is excelling at learning boundaries and self control. Shout out to our instructor Savannah of Training with Tara, who was experienced, knowledgeable, calm, and plain ol’ fun to hang out with for an hour early Saturday mornings. Check out the graduates:

obedience graduation 001 obedience graduation 003