Early June, Brent and I loaded Rosie (Mah Dog) up and headed to Cabella’s in Buda for a Saturday event where Austin Animal Center had been invited to show case adoptable dogs. I hadn’t been to an event with Mah in awhile, and as we headed out that morning I was nervous. I am always nervous at adoption events. I love my fosters as much as my own animals, and I’m always struggling with the potential/reality of letting them go. I am filled with concern about finding an excellent home and the often awkward process I end up going through to get to a successful placement. Mah was a hit (not surprising), and she had many interested parties who stopped to pet her and talk to us about her. However, there was one family who immediately caught my eye. I gave them my business card in case they wanted to follow up with me. Low and behold they did. Yay! Rosie has been living with her new family for a month now, and it has been a positive transition. Brent and I have done the tremendously difficult task of lovingly let her move on to her people. Our house was suddenly really quiet (believe it or not), and our animal routine wasn’t really necessary anymore since we were back to just our own pack. Eli (the “puppy”) was pretty bored without his backyard buddy. Luckily for Eli, his buddy is visiting us as we pet sit Rosie while her family is on a trip. It’s a bonus to get to love on Mah just a little bit longer!
Mah and Eli