Yesterday was a big day for Rosie (Ma) and Eli. They both graduated from basic obedience class. It was very exciting! We’ve been working hard for the last five weeks: Brent, Me, Ma, and Eli. Brent and I traded off dogs (until Ma became an obedience star and then he wouldn’t trade with me anymore). Ma and Eli learned 18 commands:

Watch Me (very useful), Food Control (also very useful!), Sit, Down, All the Way (related to down), Doggie Push Ups, Sit/Stay, Wait (for door control), Settle (also related to down), politely sit for hello (very hard when your tail is wagging so hard), Heel (which I call swings), Leash Walking, Leave it (excellent when you live with cats!), Down/Stay, Recall, Off (excellent when you are standing on foster mom’s chest while she is laying in bed), Drop It, Stay with Distractions, Back up, and some body touching, which is important for getting your animal ready to be examined/touched by the veterinarian.

All in all it was an excellent experience and especially important for Ma who is excelling at learning boundaries and self control. Shout out to our instructor Savannah of Training with Tara, who was experienced, knowledgeable, calm, and plain ol’ fun to hang out with for an hour early Saturday mornings. Check out the graduates:

obedience graduation 001 obedience graduation 003